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Detail & Scale
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F-8 & RF-8 Crusader
in Detail & Scale


F-8 & RF-8 Crusader in Detail & Scale

Digital Versions: Only $12.99
Print Edition: Only $19.99

(Prices may vary in international markets.)

Purchase here:

Print Edition

Available exclusively from and select mail-order houses in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany, this 108-page book contains over 245 photographs (more than 65 in color), 22 full color profiles and 22 drawings.

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iBook Format

You can read the iBook version of our book on the Apple iPad or on any Mac Computer. The Apple Book digital version has 328 pages and contains over 375 high resolution photographs (90 in full color), 22 full color profiles and 22 drawings.

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Kindle Format

The Amazon Kindle digital version has 324 pages and contains over 375 high resolution photographs (90 in full color), 22 full color profiles and 22 drawings.

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About the Book:

Detail & Scale produced its first book on the F-8 Crusader in 1988, and it was one of the most successful titles in the Detail & Scale Series.  This new work, F-8 & RF-8 Crusader in Detail & Scale, brings our original work forward 31 years, enriched with much new content, more photos, mostly in color, and the addition of dozens of illustrations and full color profiles.  The photographic collections of some of the very best aviation photographers have been opened to Detail & Scale, and several recognized experts have also contributed to this new book, resulting in a new, more comprehensive, and much larger publication on the Crusader.


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Book Features:

Features of Detail & Scale's newest publication, F-8 & RF-8 Crusader in Detail & Scale include: 

  • A detailed developmental and operational history of the Crusader, a jet fighter that achieved a number of firsts and went a long way towards bringing Naval carrier-based fighters to a level equal to and in some cases surpassing that of land-based fighters.
  • A comprehensive chapter covering every variant of the Crusader produced for the U. S. Navy and Marines, from the prototypes, all of the F-8A/B/C/D/E variants and their upgraded versions after the remanufacture program, the two-seat TF-8A, both the original and remanufactured versions of the RF-8 photo reconnaissance variant, and the XF8U-3 prototype, often considered the best aircraft ever cancelled. 
  • Chapters on the F-8s used by NASA in advanced flight research and the Crusaders used by the French Navy and the Philippine Air Force.
  • An area of wholly new content is contained in a chapter on the Crusader in the Vietnam War.  A summary of how the Navy and Marines used the F-8 and RF-8 in Vietnam is provided, including a listing of every fighter squadron that flew the Crusader in combat.  A comprehensive table lists all of the F-8 carrier deployments carried out by the Navy fighter squadrons as well as the Marine squadrons that flew out of Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam.  The chapter concludes with color photographs and full color profiles of all nineteen F-8s responsible for the confirmed destruction of MiGs in air combat.
  • A comprehensive chapter on Crusader Details, long the hallmark of the Detail & Scale brand, follows.  This chapter contains nine sections covering the cockpit, windscreen and canopy, fuselage, landing gear, wings, tail, engine, armament, and ECM equipment details.  Complete coverage of almost every square inch of the various variants of the Crusader is provided through approximately 140 high resolution photographs and illustrations (more than 120 in full color).
  • As with all Detail & Scale books, the final chapter covers the modeling history of the Crusader, from the early kits that are now only collector’s items, to the gamut of kits that have been available for past half century.  The most popular scales of 1/144th, 1/72nd, 1/48th, and 1/32nd are treated as separate sections and the available models in each are reviewed.

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Detail and Scale has returned with another electronic title in their growing library of digital references. This title is another update to a previously published book and, like the previous releases, greatly expands the valuable content in both quantity and interactivity. As with their previous titles, this electronic book uses the interactive features of the iPad and Kindle which you cannot replicate in printed titles. What does that mean to you?

  • You can use menu hyperlinks to jump straight to a section of interest
  • You can expand photos and drawings to full-screen
  • You can zoom in on details in photos and drawings for a closer look
  • You can search for specific text within the title
  • You can bookmark items of interest
  • You can highlight and annotate the book with your own notes
If you missed our look at the previous Detail and Scale release covering the F4F/FM Wildcat, you'll also note that they've resumed production of hardcopy versions as well. For those modelers who are not inclined to use electronic devices for viewing modeling references, the softbound hardcopy versions are also available and feature more pages and photos than their original 1988 version. Coverage includes:
  • Crusader History
  • Crusader Variants
  • NASA Crusaders
  • Foreign Crusaders
  • The Crusader in Vietnam
  • Crusader Details
  • Modeler's Section
You'll see many excellent photos of the aircraft from period imagery, plus an array of nice period and contemporary color photos of the aircraft up-close as they also provide the in-depth walk-around reference. As usual, the title also includes a nice array of color profiles which show the various color schemes of the Crusader while assigned to different squadrons during its career. You'll also have an in-depth look at the various kits produced of the aircraft in a variety of popular scales with commentary on how to bring each kit in question up to an accurate representation. Whether building Platz's 1/144 kit or Trumpeter's massive 1/32 kit, the photos, profiles, and references in this title will make your build so much easier. Head over to Amazon or the iTunes Store and order a copy. This technology is also truly instant gratification as the title will download to your tablet on completion of your purchase. For more information about this and other titles, visit their website. Definitely recommended! My sincere thanks to Detail & Scale for this review copy.





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