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F3H Demon in
Detail & Scale
**********F9F Cougar in Detail & Scale
Revised Edition

F2H Banshee in
Detail & Scale, Pt. 1


SBD Dauntless in
Detail & Scale


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F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
In Detail & Scale
Includes the EA-18G Growler

Sample Pages -- (Print Edition)

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About the Book:

Detail & Scale produced its first book on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet in 2004 when what is today’s principle combat aircraft of the U. S. Navy was just entering operational fleet service.  Since then, the history of the Super Hornet has expanded remarkably, and in 2010, the EA-18G Growler was introduced.  This new work, F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super in Detail & Scale:  Also Includes the EA-18G Growler, brings our original work forward sixteen years, with nearly all-new content, more photographs (all in color), and the addition of new artwork.  The photographic content includes work by some of the best aviation photographers along with material from U. S. Navy and Boeing archives.  These are complemented by 180 photographs taken specifically for this book which are available nowhere else.  This new book is an up-to-date, far more comprehensive, and much larger publication on the U.S. Navy’s Super Hornet and Growler.

Book Features:

Features of Detail & Scale’s F/A-18E & F/A-18F Super in Detail & Scale:  Also Includes the EA-18G Growler include:

  • the developmental history of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, which emerged from a response to key shortcomings of the otherwise successful F/A-18 “Legacy” Hornets.
  • A comprehensive synopsis of the aircraft’s structure and systems including avionics, radars and sensors, powerplant, armament, and other stores.
  • An all-new chapter on the EA-18G Growler electronic warfare (EW) variant, covering its development and the key features of its unique EW systems
  • An up-to-date operational history of the Super Hornet and Growler from the flight test program to the aircraft’s contributions in Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, and INHERENT RESOLVE.
  • An account of the Super Hornet’s first air-to-air kill in 2017 with several photographs of the aircraft that scored the kill.  
  • A chapter on future Super Hornet and Growler developments from the forthcoming Block III upgrade to the Next Generation Jammers for the EA-18G.
  • Photo galleries of some of the more notable Super Hornet and Growler paint schemes over the last two decades.
  • A comprehensive chapter on Super Hornet and Growler details, long the hallmark of the Detail & Scale Series.  This chapter contains twelve sections covering the cockpit, including ejection seats and aircrew flight gear, windscreen and canopy, fuselage, landing gear, wings, tails, engines, ordnance, sensors, fuel tanks, refueling pods, the EA-18G’s electronic warfare equipment, and more.  
  • Detail & Scale’s usual comprehensive Modelers Section which covers all of the scale model kits of the Super Hornet and Growler that have been released. The standard modeling scales of 1/144th, 1/72nd, 1/48th, and 1/32nd are treated as separate sections and the available kits are reviewed.  This section also features photos of built Super Hornet and Growler kits from a number of accomplished model builders.

Digital Versions: Only $12.99
Print Edition: Only $19.99

(Prices may vary in international markets.)

F/A-18E & F/A18F in Detail & Scale

Print Edition

Available exclusively from, this 104-page book contains 292 color photographs, including more than 200 color detail photographs, and seven illustrations.

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Kit Maker Network

Read the full review at

"lavishly illustrated" ... "Eye candy everywhere"
Read the full review at

I.P.M.S. review of the print edition:

Wow! This is an excellent addition to the Detail & Scale legacy.  For history buffs, it's there; for modelers, there is everything you need to pick a kit, super detail a kit, or pick a set of markings to use. Highly recommended and I would even say mandatory for Super Hornet/Growler builders.
Read the full review at the I.P.M.S. Review Site

I.P.M.S. review of the digital edition:

In terms of content, this is another exceptional publication. In addition to the tremendous wealth of photographs and other information, this volume is written well, with an engaging style. The photograph resolution is superb, and the variety and diversity of images make Volume 9 invaluable. 
Read the full review at the I.P.M.S Review Site

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