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Detail & Scale Series

F3H Demon in
Detail & Scale
**********F9F Cougar in Detail & Scale
Revised Edition

F2H Banshee in
Detail & Scale, Pt. 1


SBD Dauntless in
Detail & Scale


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This section of our site features artwork that complements our photo coverage by illustrating particular aircraft flown or crewed by specific individuals as well as other many other aircraft of interest.

All of the art in this section is the work of Rock Roszak, the Art Director of Detail & Scale. Rock has illustrated all of the digital publications, as well as some of the print books associated with Bert Kinzey and Detail & Scale since 2003. Rock's artwork in our digital publications and on our website continue the high standards established in the Detail & Scale book series.

To view this Artwork, click on one of the navigation buttons below:

Here are some examples of the Artwork:

Placing your coursor over the slideshow image will pause the slideshow.


In addition to viewing the various types of aircraft displayed in this section, readers, researchers, authors, and publishers can order artwork in one of two ways:

Personalized Art

Individuals can order personalized artwork of almost any aircraft they flew or crewed, and relatives and friends can order personalized artwork of an aircraft flown by a loved one or friend. This makes a very special gift that will always be cherished. This personalized art can be used to honor and remember individual aviators and crewmen, and photographs, unit logos and detailed captions can be included in the finished art. Your artwork will be created by Rock Roszak with painstaking research, attention to detail, and cooperation with the aviator or individual ordering the item as a gift.

Commercial Artwork

Publishers, authors, and others needing profile aviation art in books, monographs, pamphlets, brochures, or any other printed matter can contract to have specific aircraft illustrated for them, or they can purchase the rights to use any existing artwork illustrated on this site. All contract art will be completed to the exact specification of the purchaser, including size, file type, etc.

Whether you order special personalized artwork or art for commercial use, the illustrations will be done exclusively by Rock Roszak. Time to delivery of all artwork is dependent on portfolio availability and current publishing schedules.  To begin the process of ordering, contact


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